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Employment Tribunal Pricing

Costs for Employment Tribunals will vary considerably depending on the type of case, whether it involves multiple claims, the number of witnesses to be interviewed and witness statements and documents produced you and by the opposing party and of course the length of the hearing and any subsequent appeal hearings.

It is always advisable to discuss costs at an early stage and establish if a fixed fee quotation is appropriate for your type of case.

It is also always important to remember that most cases settle before a final hearing which will considerably reduce costs and it is frequently possible to take the option of Judicial or CEDR Mediation which usually reduces the overall time and costs of preparation and the need for a final hearing.

Issuing proceedings in an Employment Tribunal

Issuing proceedings in an Employment Tribunal £1500 – £3000
Interlocutory stages i.e. Preliminary Hearings £1500 – £3500
Preparation of case £1000 – £1500
Disclosure of documents, witness statements £1500 – £5000
Final Hearing of case (depending on length of hearing) £2500 – £7500
Appeal Hearings £2000 – £5000

Counsel’s fees if appropriate for case.

Please note, that there are no court fees for an Employment Tribunal.